All Cubs and Scouts must wear a uniform, without exception.

We are currently offering a uniform discount scheme to our members.

We will provide a uniform at a greatly reduced price.

To qualify,

  1. Your child must have been a regular attendee to our meetings for a minimum of 3 weeks.
  2. You must have a standing order set up to pay our monthly subscriptions
  3. You must pay the price shown below to complete the order.

To request a discounted uniform, please pop in to see us on a Monday night.

NOTE. Uniforms will be issued during our meetings on Monday evenings. Also, we may withdraw this offer without notification.

SectionYou PayYou will get
Beavers You pay £10.00A polo shirt, scarf & woggle (Approximate retail price £18).
CubsYou pay £10:00A uniform sweatshirt, scarf & woggle (Approximate retail price £18)
Scouts You pay £25.00A uniform shirt or blouse, Trousers, belt, scarf & woggle (Approximate retail price £45)

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4th Royal Eltham Scout Group