Terms and Conditions of our activities

Booking and Acceptance

1.      Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

2.      No child will be allowed to attend an activity unless we have payment in full and a completed Activity Permission Form for them. One form per child per activity.

3.      We may decline applications from those who we consider may be unsuitable for the activity or, when the maximum number of places have been filled.

Payment and cancellations

4.      Payment in full must normally be made at least two weeks before the start date of the activity unless otherwise stated.

5.      Should you (the parent/guardian/Carer) cancel once your child’s place has been secured, you agree to pay any costs that we have incurred on your child’s behalf. This could be up to the full cost of the activity.

Before the activity

6.      Parents/Guardians/Carers must ensure that their child has sufficient and suitable clothing and personal equipment with them in order to undertake the activity and, that all clothing and equipment is packed securely (Please ask us for advice or refer to our website).

7.      Children under 12 years of age who are less than 135cm (4’5”) tall must have a suitable car restraint (Booster Seat). It is the Parent/s /Carer/s /Guardian/s responsibility to ensure that if needed, a suitable restraint is provided. It is the law.

8.      Those attending the activity must be present at the advertised meeting point before the stated meeting/ departure time.

During the activity

9.      While in the care of our Scout Group, children must behave in a reasonable manner at all times and must accept the authority of those in charge of the activity.

10.   Jewellery, personal hi-fi, communications equipment and any items not essential for use during an activity must not be brought to it. We accept no responsibility for the loss of or damage to any personal items unless our responsibility has been previously obtained in writing.

11.   Parents/Guardians/Carers may be asked to collect their child from the site of an activity before it has ended under the following circumstances; ·

  • The child is suffering because of inadequate or insufficient clothing and/or personal equipment.
  • They become extremely distressed because they are homesick.
  • They become unwell.
  • Their behaviour is such that the person in charge is not able to manage them.

12.   Programmes and/or menus associated with any activity may be subject to alteration without notice.

13.   The given return time from any activity is approximate and may be subject to change due to traffic or other factors.