Caving Expedition

14 Mar 2020

16th February 2020 Scouts, Young Leaders and leaders – started an adventure in caving. 10 of us in our party.

Before going underground – we were giving a briefing and headlights and hard hats

the descent

3 hours underground – crawling – walking stooped over and sliding. It was about 14 degrees underground which was surprising as it was so cold up top that day.

Tight squeezes through the letterbox

Crawling and sliding

Our guide Paul and mascot

Messy adventure

We all came out, much muddier than you …

Clip and Climb at Sutcliffe Park

8 Mar 2020

THIS IS EVENT IS POSTPONED AND A NEW DATE WILL BE ADDED WHEN AVAILABLE – those already on the list will be guaranteed but there might be the opportunity for those that missed out previously to be able to book on the new date.

We will be climbing the 10m+ indoor climbing wall at Sutcliffe Park on 17th March 2020.

Please come appropriately dressed:

Only appropriate clothing must be worn. No loose clothing such as  baggy trousers, skirts, hoodies or anything else that might get snagged on a hold.